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Italy Driving License Test

Obtaining a driving license in Italy offers a valuable experience to explore the country’s roadways. Passing the Italy Driving License Test is the first step to achieving this goal, whether you plan to reside in Italy long-term or explore the country by car. This test is divided into two components: a theory exam and a practical exam. Both exams must be passed under the supervision of an examiner to obtain a license for motorcycles, cars, or buses. The test ensures that aspiring drivers possess the necessary knowledge and skills to drive the roads safely and responsibly.

About the Italy Driving License Test

The Italy Driving License Test comprises two components the theory exam and the practical exam.
Theory Exam: The Italian Driving Theory Test is an online exam. This test comprises 30 multiple-choice questions which aims to evaluate the driving skills of the candidates. To pass the exam, you need to answer at least 24 questions correctly out of the total 30 questions.

Practical Exam: The government entities evaluate practical knowledge of candidates to assess situational awareness, vehicle control, and adherence to traffic rules. The practical exam helps the candidate to apply the theoretical knowledge to practical by driving in the city, parking, and maneuvering under the supervision of the examiner.

Insights on Italy Driving License Test Questions

The Italy Driving License Test ensures you are a safe and responsible driver. So, it features a diverse range of questions including,

Road rules

Traffic laws

Road symbols

Safe driving practices

Speed Limits

A mix of factual recall questions and scenario-based inquiries.

Penalty charges when found guilty of breaking traffic rules.

Dynamic driving situations.

Steps to get a Driving License in Italy

Getting a driving license in Italy is a systematic process to ensure that drivers are skilled in navigating the roads. To obtain the driver’s license you must meet the eligibility criteria such as your age, valid ID proof, residential permit, and so on. After meeting the criteria,

  1. The Candidate must pass the Italy Driving License Test theory examination.
  2. Once you have cleared the theory exam, the candidate will receive the “Foglio Rosa” a learner’s permit.
  3. After receiving the learner license, the candidate must practice driving on the road for 12 months with a licensed driver who has at least 10 years of driving experience.
  4. Complete the mandatory driving lessons trained under the certified instructor for at least 6 hours to master the essential driving skills.
  5. After you successfully learn the driving skills, you must present your driving school certification before attempting the practical exam.
  6. Once this requirement is fulfilled, the candidate will be eligible to obtain an Italy driving license by clearing the practical exam.
Type Of Test

Eligibility Criteria for the Italy Driving License Test

  1. The Eligibility for A1 – less powerful motorbikes (motorcycles upto 125 cc) is 16 years of age.
  2. The Eligibility for A2 – progressively more powerful motorbikes (upto 35 kW) is 18 years of age.
  3. The Eligibility for A – can be obtained from the age of 24 or from 20, if you had an A2 driving license for two years. Category A License entitles you to drive all motorbikes.
  4. The Eligibility for B – can be obtained starting from the age of 18, including cars, transport vehicles, agriculture machinery, operating machines, and emergency vehicles.
  5. The Eligibility for C – can be obtained at the age of 21 years but this limit drops to 18 years and enables you to drive trucks.
  6. The Eligibility for C1 – can be obtained from 18 years to 21 years of age and enables you to drive exceptional operating vehicles.
  7. The Eligibility for D – can be obtained at the age of 24 years and enables you to drive motor vehicles for the transport of people with more than 9 seats including that of the driver (bus).
  8. The Eligibility for D1 – can be obtained at the age of 21 years and enables you to drive buses and trolley buses with a total number of seats greater than 9 and less than 17 including the driver’s seat.
Mock Theory Test

Steps After the Theory Test

To get ready for the practical road test follow the below given steps:

  1. Upon passing the theory test, you will receive a Learner’s permit.
  2. With a Learner’s permit, take the training for 12 months.
  3. Once the driving theory test is completed then you must attempt the Practical exam to get a driving license in Italy.

About Our Italian Driving Theory Practice Test

It is essential to pass the Italian Driving Theory Test if you want to obtain your driving license in Italy. We are here to help you prepare for the test by providing the same exam format and question types you will encounter during the examination.

Our mock tests are designed to simulate a real-time examination experience, and we will help you prepare for the test. We offer exclusive study topics that cover all driving concepts with instant personal feedback on the test. The feedback provided is with detailed explanations for each answer that help you refine your study approach.

Topics Covered in our Italian Driving Theory Test

To perform well in the Italy Driving Theory Test, candidates should prepare by studying the official Italian driver’s manual. These resources will help them remember the key concepts and be better equipped to attempt the test on our Italian driving test website.

Our Italian Driving Theory Test covers all driving topics such as road rules and regulations, traffic signs, and driving techniques, emergency breaks, fines and penalties, defense driving techniques, and more to score well in your actual driving license examinations without missing any concept.

Top 4 Benefits of Taking Our Italian Driving Theory Test
  1. It helps in identifying the areas of improvement while attempting the tests.
  2. It provides instant feedback on what answer went wrong so that you can get the right answer with detailed explanation.
  3. By attempting the mock test continuously, you can track your progress and the improvement to get better in every driving test.
  4. Our Italy Driving License Tests are immensely helpful to candidates aspiring for a driving license as our test covers all questions related to every driving concept which are available on our websites as the premium plan where you can access them by purchasing it to have more questions and more practice.

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