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Your dream of obtaining a driving license in Italy is made easier with us. The first and most crucial part of an Italy driving license is passing the theory test, ‘esame di teoria’. You can easily crack the theory test by preparing with our practice tests. Designed like a real exam with exam-like questions, our practice tests are the perfect study companion for anyone taking their Italian driving theory test.

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Study the Guide

Study the Guide

The official guidebook for Italian driving licenses is ‘Patent A E B Multilingue’. Go through the handbook to learn all the road rules for safe driving in Italy. Start your preparation by understanding the road-related information.

Choose Your Vehicle Category

We have practice tests in three categories: Car Theory Test, Bike Theory Test, and Truck Theory Test. Choose the vehicle category for the license type you have applied for and practice with questions on the vehicle type.

Attempt all the Tests

We understand that you need a good number of practice sessions to learn all the topics and ace the exam. Take all the questions to prepare for any type of question and become a master of the road rules.

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By preparing with our practice tests, you are now ready to face your Italian driving theory test. Take the exam with confidence and easily pass it on the first attempt.

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Realistic exam experience with questions based on the handbook.

Real Exam Questions

The driving theory test in Italy consists of true or false questions. To give learners a similar exam environment, our practice tests Italy driving license theory test, have true or false questions as well as multiple choice. The questions resemble the real test content, helping learners familiarize themselves with the question types.

Relevant Content Questions

The practice test questions are designed using the official driver’s manual. This ensures that the questions are relevant to current traffic rules and regulations. To give you questions based on recent information, we regularly update our questions to keep them accurate for our learners to practice with.

Hassle-Free Exam

By preparing with our practice tests, you will be equipped with all the relevant and accurate road signs and traffic rules. This helps you boost confidence and reduce anxiety about exams, allowing you to experience a hassle-free exam.

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Our practice tests are easily accessible anytime from any location. Complete the test at your own pace and practice in your comfortable space. There is no time limit to complete the test. Finish the test by reviewing and learning each concept.

Practice Until You Master

We understand that you need a good amount of practice to study all the topics and become thorough in them. Access unlimited practice sessions on the platform, where you can attempt the tests as many times as you need until you master all the road rules.

Free and Premium Practice Tests

Our practice tests are available for free and premium. The free tests include basic questions. Take the tests to familiarize yourself with the format and question types. For more comprehensive learning, switch to premium and unlock exciting features to aid your preparation.

Immediate Feedback

After each question, we provide immediate feedback, indicating whether the answer is correct or not. Identify the topics on which you have made mistakes and focus on those topics. Learn from your mistakes and improve your score after each test.

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Delve into topics more deeply with our in-depth study materials in the premium plan. Get a detailed explanation of the road signs and traffic rules for better understanding.

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Unlock an exclusive dashboard with performance tracking features that will help you review your performance to enhance your preparation.

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Know the Italy Driving License Theory Test

The driving license in Italy is issued by the local civil motorization offices in Italy under the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (Minitero delle infrastrutture e dei trasporti). To obtain a driving license in Italy, candidates must pass two tests: a theory test and a practical test. The theory test assesses an individual’s knowledge of the Italian highway code (Codice della Strada), including road rules, civil responsibilities, speed limits, and vehicle mechanics. The test is available only in Italian, French, or German.

The theory test can be daunting, and applicants must have a good understanding of the road rules to pass the test. Failing the test has its consequences, and you must wait some time to retake the test. Therefore, we recommend you get your hands on ample practice tests to be prepared to approach your Italy driving theory test.

Structure of the Exam

  • Format: The test comprises multiple choices in true or false question format.
  • Number of Questions: 30 questions
  • Content: Road rules, traffic signs, civil responsibilities, speed limits, and mechanics of a vehicle.
  • Passing Score: To pass the test, you must get more than 24 questions correct. More than three mistakes will cause the exam to fail.
  • What Happens If You Fail?

    Candidates who fail the test must wait a month before retaking the exam. We recommend preparing well to avoid failing and retaking the exam. Take our practice tests and start preparing for the exam, ensuring that you will easily pass the exam.

    Medical Examination

    All candidates must undergo a medical examination at a local medical center (Commissione Medica locale- CML) before attending the theory test.

    What’s After the Theory Test?

    • Learner’s Permit: After passing the theory test, you will receive a pink sheet (foglio rosa), the learner’s permit for 12 months.
    • Complete Driving Lessons: Before taking the practical exam, complete at least six hours of driving lessons.
    • Take the Practical Exam: Schedule your practical driving exam and pass the test by demonstrating your skills in safe driving practices.
    • Get a Temporary Permit: Upon passing the practical exam, you can apply for a driving license. You will receive your license within two weeks.

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